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Since 2013, I have joined EPFL Toastmasters Club.
Toastmasters is an international ONG since 1924, founded in California, USA, specialized in “Public Speaking & Leadership” . 

Since I have joined the organization, my life has changed, I have joined an international way of life, a new tribe of many glocals, like myself.

At TMI, I have not only developed my public speaking and leadership skills, I have found a new tribe, a place where I can be vulnerable, connect with others, learn either from an 80sh years old person, as much as from an 18tenn, and I can share myself with them, I can share my passion, and that through learning from different subjects, different experiences, different cultures, in an endless journey.

I have discovered at TMI, that I am an adrenaline junk, I have never kicked in at an stage, feeling at easy.
It would mean I have lost respect for my role, as a speaker, for my public.
What I most like about this experience as public speaker?
To see that there is a place, where we all meet, this place of humanity, where our stories, blend with each, and we are never more the same, it happens almost as magic.

As a leader, I take pride of feeling part of this so enrichting engine, that allow people to develop themselves in a most exciting way, it can happen: by daring, by overcoming our fears, hands on, right here and right now, taking a leap of faith in yourself.

Did you felt excited? Join us at Toastmasters International, now. ​

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